Le repo des sources pour le site web des JM2L
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tr4ck3ur des JM2L 6d8c059698 Added logo3 9 年之前
scripts Implemented Logo to vote 9 年之前
static Added logo3 9 年之前
templates Fix Directory listing by adding index.html files 9 年之前
ExtWtforms.py first drop 9 年之前
__init__.py Added Caroussel for Room pictures 9 年之前
auth.py Fix smiley on mail 9 年之前
captcha.py Import words.py from the same dir 9 年之前
forms.py Fix some typos and errors 9 年之前
models.py Added Caroussel for Room pictures 9 年之前
security.py first drop 9 年之前
tests.py first drop 9 年之前
upload.py Replace <center> by css (as suggested by W3C) 9 年之前
views.py Have to be logged to change entities and their category 9 年之前
words.py first drop 9 年之前