Le repo des sources pour le site web des JM2L
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philippe lhardy a928f56966 fix extra '/' 6年前
scripts Added save on lunch/trip 9年前
static Update leaflet to 1.2.0 and leaflet-routing-machine to 3.2.7 for HTTPS compatibility 6年前
templates fix extra '/' 6年前
ExtWtforms.py first drop 9年前
__init__.py Added physical rooms list 6年前
auth.py Take in account Km's remarks, thanks ! 6年前
badge.py Some Fixes to take in account the year of JM2L event 6年前
blenderthumbnailer.py Added auto-generated badges 8年前
captcha.py Added auto-generated badges 8年前
const.py Fix issue with year for next edition 7年前
forms.py Put LeafLet to latest version, fix potential wrong GPS coordinates 6年前
helpers.py Fix issue with year for next edition 7年前
models.py Store hashed password instead of clear-text in database using passlib with argon2 6年前
security.py first drop 9年前
tests.py first drop 9年前
to_print.py Fix issue with year for next edition 7年前
upload.py fix upload with accents, added enhancement on ical 6年前
views.py fix extra '/' 6年前
words.py first drop 9年前