Le repo des sources pour le site web des JM2L
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tr4ck3ur des JM2L aab9b16318 typos 8 years ago
Errors Implemented Logo to vote 9 years ago
Interventions typos 8 years ago
Logistique typos 8 years ago
Participant Added quick link to badge in ListParticipant 8 years ago
Profil Added wifi identifiers 8 years ago
Public Fix Display of program, Fix table ronde 8 years ago
Salles typos 8 years ago
Staff Replace <center> by css (as suggested by W3C) 9 years ago
NewIndex.mako Fix Error for W3C 9 years ago
Participer.mako typos 8 years ago
edit_event.mako typos 8 years ago
edit_tiers.mako typos 8 years ago
edit_tiers_categ.mako Fix all last changes for pre-production test 9 years ago
helpers.mako fix carousel for users 8 years ago
index.mako first drop 9 years ago
index_profil.mako Rename *.mak to *.mako for consistency 9 years ago
jm2l.mako typos 8 years ago
layout.mako Fix for SSM2017 remarks 8 years ago
list_tiers.mako Fix typo on entité 9 years ago
login.mako Integrate piernov code, added badge, missing deletion handling 8 years ago
mail_html.mako typos 8 years ago
mail_plain.mako typos 8 years ago
modals.mako Fix some typos and errors 9 years ago
modals_js.mako Corrigé les images 9 years ago
register.mako first drop 9 years ago
show_user.mako Many changes for templates 9 years ago
view_event.mako typos 8 years ago
view_tiers.mako Added Caroussel for Room pictures 9 years ago
view_user.mako Fix for SSM2017 remarks 8 years ago